• Zip containing all necessary files to install:  Build 2.2.04 2008-10-18  (Required JDK 6.0)   Readme



  • is easy-to-use but powerful, WYSIWYG GUI designer, makes it easy to create professional and complex looking forms. You can drag and drop components, resize components, move components, etc.

  • designs nested Layers.

  • is based on the JavaBeans standard. It supports and uses BeanInfos, BeanDescriptors, PropertyDescriptors, PropertyEditors (incl. custom and paintable editors), Introspector, etc.

  • support for events

  • generates ava source code for your forms

  • suports Undo/redo and clipboard. You can infinite undo and redo all operations. The clipboard allows you to copy/move one or more components.

  • is a stand-alone application, which makes it also ideal for prototyping and non-programmers.

  • supports new powerful layout manager CellsLayout.

  • Insert, delete, move, resize and  modifying columns

  • Insert, delete, move, resize and  modifying rows

  • supports all Java standard layout managers: BorderLayout, BoxLayout, CardLayout, FlowLayout, GridBagLayout and GridLayout.

  • supports visual hinting. During moving, resizing, inserting of components via drag and drop, you see exactly where a component will be placed before dropping it.
  • Free Layout Manager support. Setting of alignment of components in FreeLayout.

  • Grid oriented layouting and automatic ordering of components  in  FreeLayout  designer.

  • Insert, delete tabs in JTabbedPane

  • Navigation in components with Inspector tree

  • Supports customer Java Beans
  • Changing Layout each time during designing between several layout managers
  • ColorChooser

  • BorderChooser

  • FontChooser

  • Java Beans
  and much more...

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